Use the ENEQuery.setSelection() method for Java implementations.

For Java-based implementations, you specify the selection list by calling the setSelection() method of the ENEQuery object. Use the following syntax:

ENEQuery.setSelection(FieldList selectFields)

where selectFields is a list of property or dimension names that should be returned with each record. You can populate the FieldList object with string names (such as "P_WineType") or with Property or Dimension objects. In the case of objects, the FieldList.addField() method automatically extracts the string name from the object and adds it to the FieldList object.

During development, you can use the ENEQuery.getSelection() method (which returns a FieldList object) to check which fields are set.

The FieldList object contains a list of Oracle Commerce property and/or dimension names for the query. For details about the methods of the FieldList class, see the Oracle Commerce Javadocs for the Presentation API.

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