Record counts are returned in two dgraph properties.

To retrieve the counts for regular (non-aggregated) or aggregated records beneath a given refinement (dimension value), use these dgraph properties:

For a given Navigation object, request all refinements within each dimension with:

The refinements are returned in a DimValList object.

For each refinement, the dimension value (DimVal object) that is a refinement beneath the dimension can be returned with:

To get a list of properties (PropertyMap object) associated with the dimension value, use:

Calling the PropertyMap.get() method (Java) or PropertyMap object (.NET) at this point, with the DGraph.Bins or DGraph.AggrBins argument will return a list of values associated with that property. This list should contain a single element, which is the count of non-aggregated or aggregated records beneath the given dimension value.

The following code samples show how to retrieve the number of records beneath a given dimension value. The examples retrieve the number of regular (non-aggregated) records, because they use the DGraph.Bins argument for the calls. To retrieve the number of aggregated records, use the same code, but instead use the DGraph.AggrBins argument.

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