Dynamic business rule filters allow an Oracle Commerce application to define arbitrary subsets of dynamic business rules and restrict merchandising results to only the records that can be promoted by these subsets.

If you filter for a particular subset of dynamic business rules, only those rules are active and available in the dgraph to fire in response to user queries. Rule filters support Boolean syntax using property names, property values, rule IDs, and standard Boolean operators (AND, OR, and NOT) to compose complex combinations of property names, property values, and rule IDs.

For example, a rule filter can consist of a list of workflow approval states in a multi-way OR expression. Such a filter could filter rules that have a workflow state of pending OR approved. You specify a rule filter using the Java ENEQuery.setNavMerchRuleFilter() method and the .NET ENEQuery.NavMerchRuleFilter property, and you pass the filter directly to the dgraph as part of an MDEX Engine query.

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