The following example expands on the previous one by adding two rules called “Best Buys” and “Highly Recommended” to the rule to promote highly recommended chardonnays.

These rules promote wines tagged with a Best Buy property and a Highly Recommended property, respectively. Together, the three rules promote records to expose a broader set of potential wine purchases.

The “Best Buys” rule is set up as follows:

The “Highly Recommended” rule is set up as follows:

When an application user navigates to Wine_Type > White, the “Recommended Chardonnays” rule fires and provides rule results as described in “An example with one rule promoting records”. In addition, the Highly Recommended and Best Buys rules also fire and provide results because their triggers always apply to any navigation query. The promoted records for each of the three rules, along with the user’s query and standard query results, are called out in the following graphic:

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