The Nrk, Nrt, Nrr, and Nrm set of parameters can be used to order the records of an EQL request, via a specified relevance ranking strategy.

The following is an example of using these parameters:

Nrs=collection()/record[Recordtype = "book"]

The sample query returns all Book records (that is, all records that are tagged with the Recordtype property set to “book”). The record set is ordered with the Maxfield relevance ranking module (specified via Nrr), which uses the word novel (specified via Nrt). The search interface is specified via the Nrk parameter.

The Nrk, Nrt, Nrr, and Nrm parameters take precedence over the Ntk, Ntt, and Ntx parameters. That is, if both sets of parameters are used in a query, the relevance ranking strategy specified by the Nrr parameter will be used to order the records. For more information about these parameters, see the topic “Using the Nrk, Nrt, Nrr, and Nrm parameters."

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