When a geospatial sort is applied to a navigation query, the MDEX Engine creates a pair of dynamic properties for each record returned.

The dynamic properties showing the distance (in kilometers and miles, respectively) between the record's geocode address and that specified in the sort key.

The names of these properties use the format:



where key is the name of the geocode property, and latvalue and lonvalue are the values specified for the sort.

For example, if Location is the name of a geocode property, this Ns sort parameter:


will create these properties for the record that is tagged with the geocode value of 42.3,71:

kilometers_to_Location(38.900000,77.000000): 338.138890
miles_to_Location(38.900000,77.000000): 210.109700

These properties are not persistent and are informational only. There is no configuration associated with the properties and they cannot be disabled. Note that applying both a geocode sort and a geocode range filter in the same query causes both sets of dynamic properties to be generated.

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