You can enable wildcard matching for a search interface by adding one or more wildcard-enabled properties and dimensions to the search interface.

Use the Search Interface editor in Developer Studio to add the desired properties and dimensions. Wildcard search can be partially enabled for a search interface. That is, some members of the search interface are wildcard-enabled while the others are not.

Searches against a partially wildcard-enabled search interface follow these rules:

You should keep these rules in mind when analyzing search results. For example, assume that in a partially wildcard-enabled search interface, Property-W is wildcard-enabled while Property-X is not. In addition, the asterisk (*) is not configured as a search character. A record search issued for woo* against that search interface may return the following results:

However, because the returned record set is a union, the user will see all the records. A possible source of confusion might be that if snippeting is enabled, the records from Property-X will not have wood and wool highlighted (if they exist), while the records from Property-W will have all the search terms highlighted.

To enable wildcard search with the Search Interface editor in Developer Studio:

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