Verb Categories

This section lists all of the verbs for this release in the following categories:

Basic Operational Verbs

Note: Only these verbs are available immediately after installation.

Account Management Verbs - Oracle Database

Add Host Verbs

Application Data Model Verbs

Agent Administration Verbs

Agent Recovery Verbs

Agent Upgrade Verbs

Application Data Models Verbs

Audit Settings Verbs

AWR Warehouse Verbs

Bare Metal Provisioning Verbs

BI Publisher Reports Verbs

Big Data Appliance

Blackout Verbs

CFW Verbs

Chargeback Verbs

Clean Coherence Cluster Verbs

Cloning Verbs

Compliance Verbs

Configuration Association History

Configuration Data

Configuration Compare

Connector Verbs

Cost Center Management Verbs

Credential Verbs

Credential Verbs - Oracle Database

Custom Plug-in Update Verbs

Data Guard Verbs

Database High Availibility Verbs

Database Lifecycle Management Verbs

Database Machine Targets Customer Support Identifier (CSI) Assignment Verbs

Database Profile Job Verbs

Database Replay Verbs

Data Subset Verbs

DBaaS Verbs

Deployment Procedure Verbs

Diagchecks Verbs

Diagnostic Snapshots Verbs

Discover and Push to Agents Verbs

Discovery Prechecks Verbs

Auto Service Request (ASR) Verbs

Event and Incident Verbs

Execute Command Verbs

Fusion Middleware Diagnostic Advisor Verbs

Fusion Middleware Provisions Verbs

Generic Middleware Provisioning Verbs

Gold Agent Image Verbs

Group Verbs

Incident Rules Verbs

Installation Verbs

Internal Metrics Verbs

Java EE Application Component Verbs

JBoss Target Management Group

Job Verbs

Latest Configurations Verbs

Licensing Verbs

Log Management Verbs

Masking Verbs

Metric Collection and Alerts Verbs

Metric Data Loading Verbs

Metric Verbs

Monitoring Template Verbs

Notification Verbs

OMS Configuration Properties

OMS CPU Activity Report Verbs

OMS Plug-in Deployment Verbs

Oracle Database as Service (DBaaS) Verbs

Package Fusion Application Problem Verbs

Patch Verbs

Ping Subsytem Verbs

Platform as a Service (PaaS) Verbs

Pluggable Database Job Verbs

Prerequisite Check Verbs

Privilege Delegation Settings Verbs

Provisioning Verbs

Reconfig Job Verbs

Redundancy Group Verbs

Refresh Coherence Verbs

Refresh WLS Domain Verbs

Report Import/Export Verbs

Resource Verbs

Saved Configurations Verbs

Secure Communication Verbs

Self Update Verbs

Services Verbs

Server-generated Alert Metric Verbs

Siebel Verbs

SiteGuard Verbs

Software Library Verbs

Software Maintenance Verbs

SSA Verbs

Storage Management Framework Verbs

Switch EM Monitoring Agent for Cluster Target Verbs

System Verbs

Target Data Verbs

Tenant Administrative Verbs

Toaster Verbs

Trace Verbs

Transparent Data Encryption

User-defined Metrics (UDM) Migration Verbs

Upgrade Database Job Verbs

User Administration Verbs

User Session Administration Verbs

Websphere MQ Verbs

WebSphere Target Management Verbs

Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance Verbs