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Oracle® Enterprise Session Border Controller ACLI Configuration Guide
Release E-CZ8.1.0



Title and Copyright Information

About This Guide

1 Getting Started

2 System Configuration

3 Realms and Nested Realms

4 SIP Signaling Services

5 Signaling

6 Application Gateway Services

7 IWF Services

8 Session Routing and Load Balancing

9 Number Translation

10 Admission Control and QoS

11 Static Flows

12 High Availability Nodes

13 Security

14 Transcoding

15 DTMF Transfer and Support

16 Personal Profile Manager

17 Remote Site Survivability

18 Web Server TLS Configuration

19 Session Plug-In Language

20 Local Media Playback

21 How to use the ACLI

22 Appendix RTC Support

23 Maintenance and Troubleshooting

A SIP Compatibility Options