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Oracle® ILOM Administrator's Guide for Configuration and Maintenance Firmware Release 4.0.x

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Updated: July 2020

Host-DCU Assignments and DCU-SPP Failover Behavior

For SPARC servers, like the M series servers, you can use Oracle ILOM to identify the host-DCU assignments, as well as to determine the general health of logical DCU configurations. In addition, for SPARC servers, like the M7-16 servers, which support a DCU service processor proxy (SPP) configuration with redundant service processor modules (SPM), you can use Oracle ILOM to determine the SPM that is actively assigned to manage the DCU system activity. In cases where DCU management access is lost due to a faulty SPP or SPM, you can use Oracle ILOM to change the roles of the controlling SPM.

Note -  SPPs are hot-serviceable components that can be replaced at any time. SPMs are not serviceable components. To facilitate DCU-SPP failover on servers with SPM redundancy, two SPMs (SPM0 and SPM1) are provided for each DCU-SPP configuration.

For further about viewing DCU assignments or managing failover for DCU-SPP, see the following sections: