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Oracle® ILOM Administrator's Guide for Configuration and Maintenance Firmware Release 4.0.x

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Updated: July 2020

Before You Begin the Firmware Update

Prior to updating the Oracle ILOM firmware, you should:

  1. Verify that the managed server SP or CMM has network connectivity to update the firmware image.

    For example, to verify that the server SP or CMM is connected to the network, use a remote web browser client or a remote CLI ssh client to log in to the server SP or CMM. For instruction, see Log In to the Oracle ILOM SP or CMM.

  2. Identify the Oracle ILOM firmware version that is running on the managed device (server SP, storage server, NEM SP, or CMM).

    The firmware version for all upgradable devices appears in the Firmware page in the web interface or in the /System/Firmware CLI target.

  3. Download the firmware image for the upgradable device from the Oracle product download web site and then place the image on a local or network share or on a TFTP, FTP, HTTP or HTTPS server.

    For firmware download instructions, refer to Oracle ILOM Firmware Versions and Download Methods in Oracle ILOM Feature Updates and Release Notes Firmware Release 4.0.x.

  4. Obtain an Oracle ILOM user name and password that has Admin (a) role account privileges. You must have Admin (a) privileges to update the firmware image.

  5. Notify SP or CMM users of the scheduled firmware update and ask them to close all client sessions until after the firmware update is complete.

    System administrators can use a banner message to communicate this message to users. For instructions for creating and enabling a banner message at login, see Management of Banner Messages at Log-In.

  6. If required by the host server platform, power off the host operating system before updating the SP firmware image.

    To determine if the host needs to be powered off, refer to the firmware update section in the administration guide provided for the server.

    Note that if the host server power is ON and the platform server requires the power to be OFF, click the button in the Actions panel on the Summary web page to gracefully power off the host operating system and server. Alternatively, you can gracefully power off the host operating system and server from the CLI by issuing the following command: stop /System