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Oracle® ILOM Administrator's Guide for Configuration and Maintenance Firmware Release 4.0.x

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Updated: July 2020

Configure and Test Alert Notification (IPMI PET, SNMP, or Email)

The following procedure provides instructions for configuring and testing alert notifications using the Oracle ILOM CLI and web interface.

Before You Begin

  • For Email alert configurations, the SMTP server must be configured. If the SMTP server is not configured, Oracle ILOM will not be able to generate Email alerts. For configuration details, see Configure SMTP Client for Email Alerts.

  • For SNMP alert configurations, the property for SNMP sets must be enabled and at least one user account must be configured for SNMP. For configuration details, see Figure 40, Table 40, SNMP Configuration Properties.

  • Admin (a) role is required in Oracle ILOM to configure alert notification properties.

  1. To populate the properties for one of the 15 alert configuration IDs, do the following:
  2. To test the configuration of an alert notification, do the following:
    • Web:

      Click ILOM Administration > Notifications > Alerts, click a configured Alert ID, and then click Test Rule.

      A successful or failed status message appears.

    • CLI:

      Type the following to test a configured alert notification:

      set /SP|CMM/alertmgmt/rules/n testalert=true

      Note -  When you test an alert notification rule, Oracle ILOM will send a test from all configured SNMP traps. Oracle ILOM does not have the ability to filter SNMP traps by destination.

      A successful or failed status message appears.

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