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Oracle® ILOM Administrator's Guide for Configuration and Maintenance Firmware Release 4.0.x

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Updated: July 2020

Allocate Single Storage Resource to Multiple Blade Servers: Detailed Setup (Web)

Before You Begin

Caution  - Refer to the Oracle blade server documentation to determine whether the server is enabled for sharing storage resources with another Oracle blade server.

Caution  - The option for sharing a single storage resource should only be used with an Oracle-supported clustering solution. For more information about clustering solutions, see the Sun Blade Storage Module Administration Guide.

  1. In the Sun Blade Zone Manager Settings page, click the Detailed Setup button.

    The Zoning Config dialog appears. For example:

    image:Example showing a current zoning configuration.
  2. To assign a single storage resource to multiple blade servers, perform the following steps:
    1. Click New Assignments.
    2. To share a single storage blade resource (for example, HDD6 in slot 2) currently assigned to a single blade server (for example, in slot 0) with another blade server (for example, in slot 1), click the additional blade server target (for example, in slot 1), then click the storage blade resource (for example, HDD6 in slot 2) that you want to share with this target (for example, in slot 1).
      image:An example showing the assignment of storage to more than one CPU blade.
    3. To save the allocation modification to the blade storage group, click Save.

      The following message appears.

      image:Message indicating storage applied to more than one CPU blade.
    4. To continue to save the blade storage group assignment, click OK.

      The Sun Blade Zone Manager highlights the shared storage resources in pink.


      The HDD6 storage resource in slot 2 is highlighted with pink to indicate this resource is shared by more than one CPU blade server.

      image:Example shows shared storage assigned to more than one CPU blade.
  3. To back up the newly assigned blade storage group, see Backing Up and Recovering SAS-2 Zoning Assignments.

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