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Oracle® ILOM Administrator's Guide for Configuration and Maintenance Firmware Release 4.0.x

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Updated: July 2020

Setting Power Consumption Alert Notifications

Oracle ILOM provides configuration properties for power consumption alert notifications. When the configuration properties are enabled, configured email recipients receive alert notifications when the system power exceeds the set threshold(s).

Power consumption thresholds and Email alert notifications are configurable from the Oracle ILOM CLI or web interface.

For details about configuring an email alert notification, see Configuring Alert Notifications.

For details about configuration properties for power notification thresholds, see the following table.

Table 89  Power Consumption Notification Threshold Configuration Properties
User Interface Configurable Target and User Role;
  • SP CLI: /SP|CMM /powermgmt

  • Web: Power Management > Consumption > Notification Threshold 1 | 2

  • Admin (a) role (required to modify threshold properties).

  • To apply threshold property modifications in the web interface, you must click Save.

  • Email alert notification properties must be configured in Oracle ILOM.

Notification Threshold 1 and 2
(threshold1=n |threshold2=n)
Disabled| Enabled
  • Disabled – When disabled, the Notification Threshold property state and wattage property value (0) are disabled.

  • Enabled – When enabled, the Notification Threshold property state and the user-specified wattage property value are configurable.

    Specify a wattage threshold value between 1 and 65535.

    Oracle ILOM generates an alert event if the power on the system exceeds the set threshold. If an email alert recipient is configured, Oracle ILOM also generates a power consumption email alert to the configured recipient.

CLI Syntax for Power Consumption Notification Threshold
set /SP/CMM/powermgmt threshold1=<0 to 65535> threshold2=<0 to 65535>
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