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Oracle® ILOM Administrator's Guide for Configuration and Maintenance Firmware Release 4.0.x

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Updated: July 2020

Set CMM Power Supply Redundancy Policy

Before You Begin

  • Oracle ILOM CMM firmware version 3.1.1 or later is required.

  • A minimum of two power supply units (PSU) must be initially installed within the blade system chassis to support the Power Supply Redundancy Policy.

    Note - The Sun Blade 6000 PSUs contain two power sides. The Sun Blade 6048 PSU contains three power sides. It is possible for system administrators to shut down one side of the PSU by enabling the system management policy for Light Load Efficiency Mode (LLEM). The LLEM supports both redundant and non-redundant PSUs.
  • The Admin (a) role is required in Oracle ILOM to modify the CMM grant limit property.

  • The Power Supply Redundancy Policy controls the amount of power the CMM reserves from each PSU in case of a PSU failure. The CMM Power Supply Policy is set, by default in Oracle ILOM, to reserve half the power (N+N) from each PSU. If a PSU fails within the blade chassis, the CMM allocates the reserved power from the remaining PSU to prevent a power loss to the chassis system components.

    System administrators can choose to accept the default Power Supply Redundancy Policy (N+N) or disable it.

    Note - When the PSU redundancy policy is modified, the modification will affect the power wattage the CMM is permitted to allocate to the CPU blade servers. For instance, when the redundancy policy is enabled (N+N), the CMM will re-adjust the Peak Permitted power to the wattage the PSU(s) can provide minus the wattage being reserved. If the redundancy policy is disabled and a PSU fails, the CMM will reduce the wattage for the Peak Permitted system power. If the Peak Permitted system wattage is reduced below the already Allocated Power wattage, the system administrator should take steps to power off the CPU blade servers to reduce the chassis power allocation.

This procedure provides both web and CLI CMM instructions.

  • To set the CMM Power Supply Redundancy Policy, perform one of the following Oracle ILOM interface procedures:
    Oracle ILOM Interface
    Set CMM PSU Redundancy Policy Procedure
    1. Click Power Management > Redundancy.

    2. Enable one of the following power redundancy policies:

      N+N (default) – When enabled, the CMM reserves half the power from each chassis PSU for power redundancy.

      - or -

      None – When enabled, the redundant PSU policy configuration is disabled.

    3. Click Save to apply the changes.

    • Type:

      set /CMM/powermgmt redundancy=redundancy|none


      redundancy (default) – When set, the CMM reserves half the power from each chassis PSU for power redundancy.

      none – When set, the redundant PSU policy configuration is disabled.

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