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Oracle® ILOM Administrator's Guide for Configuration and Maintenance Firmware Release 4.0.x

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Updated: July 2020

Set DCU Failover Control for System

On SPARC servers, such as M8 series servers, you can set system-wide DCU failover control as of Oracle ILOM firmware version 4.0.1.x and later. By default, the system DCU failover control is automated by Oracle ILOM. However, during service operations such as hot-plug insertion or removal it might be helpful to suspend the automated failover control by Oracle ILOM. For these instances, the DCUs Failover control can be set to Manual. For further details, follow these instructions:

  • To set DCU system failover control, peform one of the following:
    • Web: From the active SP web interface, click ILOM Administration > Configuration Management > DCUs.

      In the Failover box, select Auto or Manual.

      For a description of each option, see DCU System Failover Properties.

      - OR -

    • CLI: From the active SP CLI, type:

      set /System/DCUs failover= Auto|Manual

      For a description of each option, see DCU System Failover Properties.

DCU Status States

For a list of possible health status states for logical DCU-host configurations, see the following table.

Table 81  DCU Health Status Definitions
Health Status
The DCU assignment is in good working order.
Oracle ILOM is unable to show the DCU health status, assignments, or sub-component details.
Service Required
Oracle ILOM has detected a problem on a chassis component, and a service action is required to resolve the issue. See the Open Problems page and view the knowledge base URL for resolution.
Oracle ILOM has detected a minor problem with the DCU assignment. Despite the warning message, the DCU assignment is functioning properly. The informational message can safely be ignored.

DCU System Failover Properties

Table 82  DCU Auto and Manual Failover Properties
System Failover Property
Automated failover by Oracle ILOM for DCUs is enabled.
Automated failover by Oracle ILOM for DCUs is disabled.
Note: When the Failover property is set to Manual, Oracle ILOM is prevented from performing system initiated DCUs failover. Automated failover of the Active-SP is always enabled. For M7-4 and M8-4 systems, the Active-SP is also the controlling SP for DCU0, therefore, DCU0 failover might still occur in the context of an Active-SP failover (typically initiated by component health).
When Failover is set to Manual, Oracle ILOM will automatically log the following event in cases when a DCU failover attempt would have been made if the Failover property was set to Auto:
Failover on /System/DCUs/DCU_x was not initiated by system due to auto-failover disabled by user.