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Oracle® ILOM Administrator's Guide for Configuration and Maintenance Firmware Release 4.0.x

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Updated: July 2020

Overriding SPARC Host Boot Mode

Oracle ILOM provides a set of host boot mode properties that enables system administrators to override the default method for booting the host operating system on the SPARC server.

The host boot mode properties in Oracle ILOM are intended to help resolve corrupt boot mode settings with OpenBoot or LDoms. The boot mode properties, when set in Oracle ILOM, apply only to a single boot and expire within 10 minutes if the power on the host SPARC server is not reset.

System administrators can use the Oracle ILOM CLI or web interface to set the host boot mode properties. For more details about these properties, see the following table.

Table 72  Host Boot Mode Properties for Host SPARC Server
User Interface Configurable Target and User Role:
  • SP CLI: /HOST/bootmode (or for multi-domain host servers: /Servers/PDomains/PDomain_n/Host/bootmode)

  • SP Web: Host Management > Host Boot Mode

  • User Role: Reset and Host Control (r) role (required to modify host boot mode configurable properties).

  • To apply boot mode property changes in the Host Boot Mode Settings page, you must click Save.

Normal | Reset NVRAM
Set to instruct Oracle ILOM to which action to take when the power on the SPARC server is reset.
  • Normal – Oracle ILOM preserves the current NVRAM variable properties.

  • Reset NVRAM – Oracle ILOM returns all OpenBoot variables to default property values upon the next SPARC server power reset.

CLI Syntax to Set Host Boot Mode State:
  • For single-server SP, type:

    set /HOST/bootmode state=normal|reset_nvram

  • For multi-domain server SP, type:

    set /Servers/PDomains/PDomain_n/HOST/bootmode state=normal|reset_nvram

Expiration Date
No value, read-only property
Bootmode properties expire within 10 minutes or when the power on the SPARC server resets (which ever comes first).
The LDOM Config and Script properties do not expire and are cleared upon the next server reset or when the values are manually cleared.
CLI Syntax to View Host Boot Mode Expiration Date:
  • For single-server SP, type:

    show /HOST/bootmode expires

  • For multi-domain server SP, type:

    show /Servers/PDomains/PDomain_n/HOST/bootmode expires

Up to 1000 bytes in length.
The script controls the host SPARC server OpenBoot PROM firmware method for booting.
The script is read when: (1) the State is set to Reset NVRAM, (2) power on the SPARC server is reset, and (3) OpenBoot variables are reset to defaults.

Note - Service personnel might instruct you to specify a script for problem resolution. The full extent of script capabilities is not documented and exist primarily for debugging.

CLI Syntax to Set Host Boot Mode Script:
set /HOST/bootmode script=value
script does not affect the current /HOST/bootmode setting. value can be up to 1000 bytes in length. You can specify a /HOST/bootmode setting and specify the script within the same command. For example:
set /HOST/bootmode state=reset_nvram script=”setenv diag-switch? true”
LDOM Config
Factory-default | Valid LDOM Config
Instruct Oracle ILOM which LDOM configuration to use upon resetting the power on host SPARC server:
  • Factory-default – The factory-default configuration is the initial configuration where the platform appears as a single system hosting only one operating system.

    Use the factory-default configuration in Oracle ILOM to regain access to all system resources (CPUs, memory, I/O) that might have been assigned to other domains. The Factory-default property value might be necessary if you removed the Logical Domains Manager before restoring factory defaults using the Logical Domains OS software.

  • Valid LDOM Config – Enter the name of a valid active logical domain configuration.

CLI Syntax for Host Boot Mode LDOM Config:
set /HOST/bootmode config=factory-default|valid_LDOM_configuration

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