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Oracle® ILOM Administrator's Guide for Configuration and Maintenance Firmware Release 4.0.x

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Updated: July 2020

Configure SMTP Client for Email Alerts

The following procedure describes how to configure Oracle ILOM as an SMTP client using the Oracle ILOM CLI and web interface. Oracle ILOM must act as an SMTP client to successfully send email alert notifications.

Before You Begin

  • Prior to configuring Oracle ILOM as an SMTP client, determine the IP address and port number for the outgoing SMTP email server that will process the email notifications.

  • The SMTP Client property for Custom Sender is optional. This property enables Oracle ILOM to override the SMPT sender address by using one of the following strings: <IPADDRESS> or <HOSTNAME>. For example: alert@[IPADDRESS]

  • Admin (a) role is required in Oracle ILOM to configure SMTP Client properties.

  • To configure Oracle ILOM as an SMTP client, do the following:
    • Web:

      Click ILOM Administration > Notifications > SMTP Client.

      Enable the SMTP state, populate the required properties for the SMTP server IP address and port number, populate the optional property for Custom Sender if required, and then click Save.

    • CLI:


      set /SP|CMM/clients/smtp state=enable address=smtp_server_ip port=smtp_server_port custom_send=optional_string

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