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Oracle® ILOM Administrator's Guide for Configuration and Maintenance Firmware Release 4.0.x

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Updated: July 2020

ASR Configuration Properties

The following table describes the ASR CLI and Web interface properties in Oracle ILOM.

Table 85  ASR Client Properties
Not applicable, read-only property.
The Status identifies the operational state of the ASR Client in Oracle ILOM. Possible status values are:
  • Registered – The ASR Client in Oracle ILOM is properly configured and is enabled to communicate with Oracle Services (Endpoint URL).

  • Registration In Progress – The ASR Client in Oracle ILOM is in the process of registering with the specified Oracle Services ASR Manager (Endpoint URL).

  • Internal File Error – An internal file error occurred when Oracle ILOM attempted to transmit the telemetry messages to Oracle Services (Endpoint URL). For more details about this error, view the Oracle ILOM log files.

  • Not Running – The ASR Client State property in Oracle ILOM is currently set to disabled.

  • URL For Endpoint Not Configured – The Endpoint property is not currently configured with a URL address.

  • Username Not Configured –The Password property for the Oracle support account contract is not currently configured.

  • Password Not Configured – The Password property for the Oracle support account contract is not currently configured.

  • Invalid Registration Username and Password – The Username and Password properties for the Oracle support account contract are incorrectly configured.

  • Error Resolving Host – An error occurred when Oracle ILOM tried to resolve the Endpoint URL for the specified Oracle Services ASR Manager. For more details about this error, view the Oracle ILOM System Log.

Disabled | Enabled
The ASR Client state must be enabled to send hardware telemetry messages to the specified Oracle Service (Endpoint URL). Disabling the ASR Client state prevents Oracle ILOM from sending hardware telemetry messages to Oracle Services.
To enable the ASR Client State, select the State check box.
CLI Syntax to Set ASR State
set /SP/clients/asr state=enabled | disabled
https://transport.oracle.com (default)| user-specified
Use the Endpoint property to directly or indirectly connect the ASR Client to Oracle Services.
By default, the Endpoint property URL directly connects to the remote ASR Service at Oracle, which requires a username and password. Optionally, you can configure the Endpoint property to indirectly connect to the ASR Services by specifying the address of a local ASR Manager Relay.

Note -  Indirect endpoint configurations aggregate the telemetry data from many host instances.

Endpoint URL Syntax Examples
  • https|http://asr_manager_host

  • https|http://asr_manager_host:port_number/asr

CLI Syntax to Set Endpoint
set /SP/clients/asr endpoint=https://transport.oracle.com | ASR Manager Relay URL address
Security Notes:
  • Direct Endpoint Connection (default) – Oracle ILOM uses a pre-installed SSL certificate to verify the authenticity of the direct Endpoint connection (https://transport.oracle.com). Users can choose to use the direct Endpoint pre-installed SSL Certificate provided by Oracle or replace it with a user-specified SSL Certificate.

  • Indirect Endpoint Connection – To verify the authenticity of an indirect Endpoint connection to the ASR Service at Oracle, a user-provided SSL Certificate must be uploaded to Oracle ILOM. For further details on how to upload or remove an SSL Certificate, see Manage Endpoint SSL Certificate Information.

Strict Certificate Mode
Enabled (default) | Disabled
The Strict Certificate Mode controls the validation of the Endpoint URL. When the Strict Certificate Mode is enabled, it requires a local copy of the Endpoint SSL Certificate.
  • Enable Strict Certificate Mode (default) — Select the Strict Certificate Mode check box to fully verify the digital signatures of the configured Endpoint SSL Certificate.

  • Disable Strict Certificate Mode — Clear the Strict Certificate Mode check box to provide limited validation of the ASR endpoint at the time of authentication over a secure channel.

Username & Password
Not applicable, user-defined.
Enter a valid My Oracle Support username (email address) and password. If you don't have a username, you can create a user account and register it with My Oracle Support at http://support.oracle.com.

Note -  If an invalid My Oracle Support account is specified, Oracle ILOM will not be able to successfully forward hardware telemetry messages detected from the managed server to Oracle Services.

CLI Syntax to Set Username and Password
set /SP/clients/asr username=user_defined password=user_defined
Not applicable, user defined.
If you are using an HTTPS/HTTP proxy server to access the Internet, configure the following proxy server properties:

Note -  If you are not using a proxy server to access the Internet, you can leave the following proxy server properties blank.

  • Proxy Address — Specify an IP address or hostname and the port number of the proxy server. For example:


  • Proxy User Name —Specify the proxy server user name.

  • Proxy Password — Specify the password that is associated with the proxy server user name.

Note -  In cases where the following message appears, ASR Manager in relay mode is different from a proxy, ensure that the proxy server properties for the Oracle ILOM ASR Client are properly configured.

CLI Syntax to Set Proxy
set /SP/clients/asr proxy-host=user_defined proxy-user=user_defined proxy-password=user_defined