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Oracle® ILOM Administrator's Guide for Configuration and Maintenance Firmware Release 4.0.x

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Updated: July 2020

Managing SPARC Host I/O Reconfiguration Policy

For some SPARC servers, Oracle ILOM provides a policy that enables system administrators to control whether the host IO paths are optimized and require modification at the next power on or power reset. By default, the host I/O reconfigure policy is enabled and configurable from the Oracle ILOM CLI or web interface. For further details about setting this policy in Oracle ILOM, see the following table.

Note - Reconfiguring the I/O paths will change the PCIe addresses and external addresses associated with boot devices.

Note - If the PCIE switches in the I/O path are not currently in use, and ioreconfigure is set to true, configure the I/O paths for maximum connectivity. Otherwise, configure the new paths for optimal I/ O bandwidth
Table 80  SPARC Host I/O Reconfiguration Policy Properties
User Interface Configurable Target and User Role:
  • SP CLI: /Host (or /Servers/PDomains/PDomain_n/host)

  • SP Web: Host Management > Host Control

  • User Role: Reset Host Control (r) role (required to modify this property).

IO Reconfigure Policy
  • true – When enabled, Oracle ILOM (if necessary) will check and reconfigure the I/O paths each time the server SP or PDomain is powered on or reset.

    Note: PCIe switches will be configured to create the minimum required number of virtual switches to connect all of the available root complexes, which might result in changes to the I/O paths.

  • false – When enabled, Oracle ILOM will not check and reconfigure the I/O paths each time the server SP or PDomain is powered on or reset.

    Note: As of Oracle ILOM firmware release, the IO Reconfigure Policy property is automatically set to false when the control domain creates its first guest domain,

  • add_only – When enabled and when a new CMP (root complex) has been added since the last boot or reset, Oracle ILOM will reconfigure the I/O paths for optimal bandwidth.

    Note: The add_only property value is only supported on Oracle SPARC T5, M5, and M6 platforms.

CLI Syntax for IO Reconfigure Policy
For SPARC single-server SP, type:
set /SP/Host ioreconfigure=true|false|add_only
For SPARC multi-domain server SP, type:
set /Servers/PDomains/PDomain_n/Host ioreconfigure=true|false|add_only

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