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Oracle® ILOM Administrator's Guide for Configuration and Maintenance Firmware Release 4.0.x

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Updated: July 2020

Setting Device Monitoring Configuration Properties

Note -  The Device Monitor feature is not available for configuration on all Oracle Servers. This feature applies to supported Oracle storage controllers, such as the Oracle Flash Accelerator F640 PCIe Card and 6.4 TB NVMe SSD device.

As of Oracle ILOM firmware version 4.0.3, administrators can optionally choose to enable or disable device monitoring. Device monitoring is enabled by default. For a description of the device monitoring configuration properties, see the following table:

Table 88  Configurable Device Monitoring Properties
User Interface Configurable Target and User Role:
  • CLI: /SP/services/device_monitor

  • Web: System Management > Device Monitor

  • User Role: admin (a) (required for all property modifications)

System Management Policy
Service State

Note -  The Device Monitor feature is not available for configuration on all Oracle Servers.

Enabled (Default)| Disabled | Suspended
  • Enabled –Select Enabled to enable the device monitoring mode in Oracle ILOM. When enabled, Oracle ILOM will manage the supported device (s) at the set polling interval, as well as report errors and faults detected for these devices in the Open Problems web page and CLI target (show /System/Open_Problems).

  • Disabled –Select Disabled to disable the device monitoring mode inOracle ILOM..

  • Suspended –Select Suspended to temporarily suspend the devicemonitoring mode in Oracle ILOM. When this mode is suspended, device monitoring will remain in a suspended state until after the SP reboots or the Service State is set to Enabled. During this time period, all alert and error notifications generated by device monitoring are also suspended.

CLI Syntax for Device Monitor Service State:
set /SP/services/device monitor servicestate=enabled|disabled|suspended
Polling Interval
60 seconds (Default)
The Polling Interval property indicates how frequently Oracle ILOM will poll the supported device(s). This property is only in effect when the Service State property is enabled.
Seconds (60 default) – Enter a value from 30 to 600 to specify the number of seconds Oracle ILOM will wait before repolling the supported device(s).
CLI Syntax for Device Monitor Polling Interval:
set /SP/services/device_monitor polling interval= [30 to 600]