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Oracle® ILOM Administrator's Guide for Configuration and Maintenance Firmware Release 4.0.x

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Updated: July 2020

Password Recovery for Default root Account

If necessary, system administrators can recover the preconfigured Oracle ILOM local root account or the password for the local root account by using the preconfigured Oracle ILOM default user account password. For further recovery instructions, see the following table.

Table 13  Recover Preconfigured root Account or root Account Password (CLI only)
  • Local Serial Management Connection to Oracle ILOM

  • Physical presence at managed server, if Physical Presence State is enabled (default)

  1. Establish a local serial management connection to Oracle ILOM and log in to Oracle ILOM using the default user account. For example:

    SUNSP-0000000000 login: default Press and release the physical presence button. Press return when this is completed...

  2. Prove physical presence at your server.

    Refer to the server hardware documentation for instructions on how to prove physical presence. If your server hardware documentation does not mention physical presence, contact your Oracle service representative.

  3. Return to your serial console and press Enter.

    You will be prompted for a password.

  4. Type the password for the default user account: defaultpassword.

  5. Reset the account password or re-create the root account.

    Refer to the Related Information section of this table for topics for creating or modifying user accounts or passwords.

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