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Oracle® ILOM Administrator's Guide for Configuration and Maintenance Firmware Release 4.0.x

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Updated: July 2020

Usage Guidelines for IP Network Management Address

The following table provides guidelines to help determine: (1) the IP address assigned to the Oracle ILOM SP or CMM based on default network properties, (2) the accepted IPv6 syntax, and 3) a list of non-supporting IPv6 servers.

Table 5  IP Address Identification, IPv6 Accepted Syntax, Non-supporting IPv6 servers
To determine:
IP address assigned to Oracle ILOM
To determine the assigned IP address, perform these steps.
  1. Establish a local serial management (SER MGT) connection to the ILOM SP or CMM.

  2. Log in to Oracle ILOM

  3. Use the show command to view the IP network properties under:

    /SP/network for the current IPv4 address assigned to Oracle ILOM.

    /SP/network/ipv6 for the current IPv6 address assigned to Oracle ILOM.

You can also determine the IP address from the IPv4 DHCP server or the IPv6 routing device on your network.
Accepted syntax for IPv6 network address
  • When entering the URL in a web browser, the IPv6 address must be enclosed in brackets to work correctly. For example:


  • When establishing an Oracle ILOM CLI session using SSH, the IPv6 address should not be enclosed in brackets. For example:

    ssh root@ipv6address

  • When transferring a file using the CLI load -source command and tftp, the IPv6 address must be enclosed in brackets. For example:

    load -source tftp://[ipv6address]filename.extension

Legacy Oracle servers not supporting IPv6
Oracle's SPARC servers:
  • T5440

  • T5220

  • T5120

  • T5140

  • T5240

  • T6340

Oracle's Sun Fire servers:
  • X4140

  • X4150

  • X4240

  • X4440

  • X4450

  • X4600

  • X4600 M2

  • X4640