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man pages section 1: User Commands

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Updated: Wednesday, February 9, 2022

gdmflexiserver (1)


gdmflexiserver - Runs flexible (on demand) X servers


gdmflexiserver  [--authenticate] [--command=command] [--debug] [--help]
[--monte-carlo-pi] [--no-lock] [--version] [--xnest]


gdmflexiserver(1)           General Commands Manual          gdmflexiserver(1)

       gdmflexiserver - Runs flexible (on demand) X servers

       gdmflexiserver  [--authenticate] [--command=command] [--debug] [--help]
       [--monte-carlo-pi] [--no-lock] [--version] [--xnest]

       gdmflexiserver is primarily used to run flexible (on demand) X  servers
       via  the  virtual  terminal interface.  gdmflexiserver allows a user to
       log in once and then quits.  This is useful if you  are  logged  in  as
       user  A, and user B wants to log in quickly but user A does not wish to
       log out.  The X server ensures  that  the  virtual  terminal  switching
       works transparently.

       In  GDM  2.20 and earlier, gdmflexiserver was the primary interface for
       starting flexible X server sessions.  In the current  version  of  GDM,
       the  "User  Switcher" panel applet is more typically used for this pur-
       pose when using the GNOME desktop.   The  gdmflexiserver  interface  is
       provided for backwards compatibility purposes, and to provide an inter-
       face for starting flexible X server sessions when not using  the  GNOME

       Many  of  the gdmflexiserver options are no longer supported in GDM and
       are ignored if used.  For example, GDM 2.20 and earlier made use of the
       --command  option  to query information from the GDM daemon and to con-
       trol its behavior.  Current versions of GDM use D-Bus for this  purpose
       and gdmflexiserver now only supports the "VERSION" command.

       The following options are supported:

       -a, --authenticate      Ignored.

       -c, --command=command   Run the specified command.

       -d, --debug             Enable debugging output.

       -h, --help              Display detailed usage message.

       --monte-carlo-pi        Easter  egg.  Determine the value of pi using a
                               Monte Carlo simulation.

       -l, --no-lock           Ignored.

       --version               Display GDM version number.

       -n, --xnest             Ignored.

       gdmflexiserver accepts the following with the --command option:

         o  VERSION

       Each is described in detail in the following section:

       Description:            Query GDM version

       Supported since:

       Arguments:              None

       Answers:                GDM gdm-version

       Example 1: To see the GDM version

       example% gdmflexiserver --command=VERSION
       GDM  2.28.1

       The following files are used by this application:

       /usr/bin/gdmflexiserver         Executable for Run flexible (on demand)
                                       X servers.

       See attributes(7) for descriptions of the following attributes:

       |Availability   | system/display-manager/gdm |
       |Stability      | Volatile                   |

       Latest version of the GNOME Desktop User Guide for your platform.

       gdm-screenshot(1), gdm(8), attributes(7)

       Original  man  page written by Martin K. Petersen <mkp@mkp.net>, George
       Lebl <jirka@5z.com>. Copyright (c) 1998, 1999 by Martin  K.   Petersen.
       Copyright  (c)  2001,  2003, 2004 by George Lebl. Copyright (c) 2003 by
       Red Hat, Inc.

       Updated by Brian Cameron, Sun Microsystems Inc., 2004, 2006, 2009.

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                                  22 Apr 2018                gdmflexiserver(1)