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man pages section 1: User Commands

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Updated: Wednesday, July 27, 2022

snmptop (1)


snmptop - display process table on a network entity via SNMP


snmpps [COMMON OPTIONS] [-Cp] [-Ca] [-C n | m | t ] AGENT

snmptop [COMMON OPTIONS] [-Cp] [-Ca] [-C n | m | t ] AGENT


SNMPPS(1)                          Net-SNMP                          SNMPPS(1)

       snmpps - display process table on a network entity via SNMP

       snmpps [COMMON OPTIONS] [-Cp] [-Ca] [-C n | m | t ] AGENT

       snmptop [COMMON OPTIONS] [-Cp] [-Ca] [-C n | m | t ] AGENT

       snmpps  is  a  networked  version of a simple ps command. It checks the
       processes on the remote machine by examining  the  HOST-RESOURCES-MIB's
       hrSWRunTable and the hrSWRunPerfTable.

       AGENT  identifies a target SNMP agent, which is instrumented to monitor
       the given objects.  At its simplest, the AGENT specification will  con-
       sist  of a hostname or an IPv4 address.  In this situation, the command
       will attempt communication with the agent, using UDP/IPv4 to  port  161
       of  the  given  target  host. See the snmpcmd(1) manual page for a full
       list of the possible formats for AGENT.

       snmptop emulates the top command using SNMP. While  running,  the  key-
       board  inputs  of 'c', 'n', 'm', 't' switches sorting between cpu, pid,
       memory, or total runtime.  Typing 'i' toggles  hiding  idle  processes,
       while  'o'  toggles hiding Os processes.  Typing 'a' toggles display of
       hrSWRunParameters, 'p' toggles display of hrSWRunPath.

               Please see snmpcmd(1) for a list of possible values for  COMMON
               OPTIONS as well as their descriptions.

       -Cp     Show hrSWRunPath in addition to hrSWRunName

       -Ca     Show hrSWRunParameters in addition to hrSWRunName

       -Ct     Sort display by total CPU usage

       -Cm     Sort display by memory usage

       -Cn     Sort display numeric by PID

       % snmpps -v 2c -c public localhost

       Index Type Status     Memory         CPU Command
           1 Appl   Wait     1.00MB        1.29 init
         554 Appl   Wait   364.00kB        0.03 udevd
        1813 Appl    Run     6.73MB        0.41 snmpd
        1833 Appl   Wait     1.27MB        3.49 rsyslogd
        1871 Appl   Wait   496.00kB       47.92 irqbalance
        1890 Appl   Wait   648.00kB        0.62 rpcbind
        2121 Appl   Wait     1.89MB        0.00 bash
        2150 Appl   Wait     3.49MB        0.16 vim
        2185 Appl   Wait   556.00kB        0.00 sleep

       See attributes(7) for descriptions of the following attributes:

       |ATTRIBUTE TYPE |        ATTRIBUTE VALUE          |
       |Availability   | system/management/snmp/net-snmp |
       |Stability      | Volatile                        |

       snmpcmd(1), snmp.conf(5)

       Source  code  for open source software components in Oracle Solaris can
       be found at https://www.oracle.com/downloads/opensource/solaris-source-

       This     software     was    built    from    source    available    at
       https://github.com/oracle/solaris-userland.   The  original   community
       source   was   downloaded  from   https://sourceforge.net/projects/net-

       Further information about this software can be found on the open source
       community website at http://www.net-snmp.org/.

V5.8                              04 Nov 2013                        SNMPPS(1)