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man pages section 1: User Commands

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Updated: Wednesday, July 27, 2022



sstoreadm - Statistics Store administration utility


/usr/bin/sstoreadm [-?]
/usr/bin/sstoreadm help [subcommand]
/usr/bin/sstoreadm disable-collection ssid [ssid... ]
/usr/bin/sstoreadm enable-collection ssid [ssid... ]
/usr/bin/sstoreadm purge [[-t start-time] [-e end-time]
    [-i step]]  ssid [ssid... ]
/usr/bin/sstoreadm purge -a [[-t start-time] [-e end-time] [-i step]]


sstoreadm provides the ability to administer the sstore configuration.


The following option is supported:


Displays a usage message.

Sub Commands

The following subcommands are supported:

sstoreadm help [subcommand]

This command displays usage for the specified sstoreadm subcommand or for all sstoreadm subcommands.

To display usage for a specific subcommand, use the sstoreadm help command with that specific subcommand as an operand.

If you use the sstoreadm help command with no operand, usage for all sstoreadm subcommands is displayed.

sstoreadm disable-collection ssid [ssid...]
sstoreadm enable-collection ssid [ssid...]

This subcommand enables or disables a collection, as defined in ssid-collection.json(5).

The sstore info command shows whether a collection is enabled or disabled. See the ssid-collection.json(5) man page for more information.

sstoreadm purge [[-t start-time] [-e end-time] [-i step]] ssid [ssid...]

This command purges all matching statistics-related data for the given ssids over the given time range.

If you do not specify a time range, then all data is purged for the given ssids.

Use the start-time and end-time arguments to purge the data between this timespan. For example,

# sstoreadm purge -t 2021-11-24T03:19:01 -e now ssid

Use the step argument to set an upper limit on the granularity of the purged data as shown in the following example:

If sstored(8) has per-second, per-minute, and per-hour data, then you can use the following command to purge the per-second and per-minute data for ssid, while leaving the per-hour data intact:

# sstoreadm purge -i 60 ssid

See the sstore(1) man page for a detailed discussion of time range specification options.

sstoreadm purge -a [[-t start-time] [-e end-time] [-i step]]

Use the -a argument to purge all the historical data from sstore. Even the data under enabled/disabled collections will be lost. Specifying the ssid list is incompatible with this argument.

You can also specify a time range and step with this option.

Exit Status

The following exit values are returned:


Command succeeded.


An error occurred.


Invalid command line options were specified.


Multiple operations were requested, but only some of them succeeded.


No changes were made, nothing to do.


An unanticipated error occurred.


See attributes(7) for descriptions of the following attributes:

Interface Stability