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man pages section 1: User Commands

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Updated: Wednesday, July 27, 2022

geometry (1t)


geometry - ables used or set by Tk


Please see following description for synopsis


tkvars(1t)                   Tk Built-In Commands                   tkvars(1t)


       geometry, tk_library, tk_patchLevel, tk_strictMotif, tk_version - Vari-
       ables used or set by Tk

       The following Tcl variables are either set or used  by  Tk  at  various
       times in its execution:

       tk_library     This  variable  holds the file name for a directory con-
                      taining a library of Tcl scripts related to  Tk.   These
                      scripts  include an initialization file that is normally
                      processed whenever a  Tk  application  starts  up,  plus
                      other files containing procedures that implement default
                      behaviors for widgets.

                      The initial value of tcl_library is set when Tk is added
                      to  an  interpreter;   this is done by searching several
                      different directories until one is found  that  contains
                      an  appropriate  Tk  startup  script.  If the TK_LIBRARY
                      environment variable exists, then the directory it names
                      is  checked first.  If TK_LIBRARY is not set or does not
                      refer to an appropriate directory, then Tk  checks  sev-
                      eral  other  directories  based on a compiled-in default
                      location, the location of the Tcl library directory, the
                      location  of  the binary containing the application, and
                      the current working directory.

                      The variable can be modified by an application to switch
                      to a different library.

       tk_patchLevel  Contains  a  dot-separated  sequence of decimal integers
                      giving the current patch level for Tk.  The patch  level
                      is  incremented  for  each  new release or patch, and it
                      uniquely identifies an official version of Tk.

                      This value is normally the same as the result of  "pack-
                      age require Tk".

       tk_strictMotif This variable is set to zero by default.  If an applica-
                      tion sets it to one,  then  Tk  attempts  to  adhere  as
                      closely  as  possible  to Motif look-and-feel standards.
                      For example, active elements such as buttons and scroll-
                      bar  sliders  will  not  change  color  when the pointer
                      passes over them.  Modern applications should  not  nor-
                      mally set this variable.

       tk_version     Tk sets this variable in the interpreter for each appli-
                      cation.  The variable holds the current  version  number
                      of  the  Tk  library in the form major.minor.  Major and
                      minor are integers.  The major version number  increases
                      in  any  Tk  release  that includes changes that are not
                      backward compatible (i.e. whenever existing Tk  applica-
                      tions  and  scripts  may have to change to work with the
                      new release).  The minor version number  increases  with
                      each  new  release  of Tk, except that it resets to zero
                      whenever the major version number changes.

       These variables should not normally be set by user code.

              This variable is an array containing several pieces of  informa-
              tion  that are private to Tk.  The elements of tk::Priv are used
              by Tk library procedures and default bindings.  They should  not
              be accessed by any code outside Tk.


              These variables are set by text widgets when they have debugging
              turned on.  The values written to these variables can be used to
              test  or  debug  text  widget  operations.   These variables are
              mostly used by Tk's test suite.

       The following variables are only guaranteed to exist in  wish  executa-
       bles;  the  Tk library does not define them itself but many Tk environ-
       ments do.

             If set, contains the user-supplied geometry specification to  use
             for the main Tk window.

       See attributes(7) for descriptions of the following attributes:

       |Availability   | runtime/tk-8     |
       |Stability      | Uncommitted      |

       package(n), tclvars(n), wish(1)

       environment, text, variables, version

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       This     software     was    built    from    source    available    at
       https://github.com/oracle/solaris-userland.   The  original   community
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       Further information about this software can be found on the open source
       community website at https://www.tcl.tk/.

Tk                                    4.1                           tkvars(1t)