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man pages section 9: DDI and DKI Kernel Functions

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Updated: July 2017



csx_ReleaseConfiguration - release PC Card and socket configuration


#include <sys/pccard.h>

int32_t csx_ReleaseConfiguration(client_handle_t ch, release_config_t *rc);

Interface Level

Solaris DDI Specific (Solaris DDI)



Client handle returned from csx_RegisterClient(9F).


Pointer to a release_config_t structure.


This function returns a PC Card and socket to a simple memory only interface and sets the card to configuration zero by writing a 0 to the PC card's COR (Configuration Option Register).

Card Services may remove power from the socket if no clients have indicated their usage of the socket by an active csx_RequestConfiguration(9F) or csx_RequestWindow(9F).

Card Services is prohibited from resetting the PC Card and is not required to cycle power through zero (0) volts.

After calling csx_ReleaseConfiguration() any resources requested via the request functions csx_RequestIO(9F), csx_RequestIRQ(9F), or csx_RequestWindow(9F) that are no longer needed should be returned to Card Services via the corresponding csx_ReleaseIO(9F), csx_ReleaseIRQ(9F), or csx_ReleaseWindow(9F) functions. csx_ReleaseConfiguration () must be called to release the current card and socket configuration before releasing any resources requested by the driver via the request functions named above.

Structure Members

The structure members of release_config_t are:

uint32_t     Socket;     /* socket number */

The Socket field is not used in Solaris, but for portability with other Card Services implementations, it should be set to the logical socket number.

Return Values


Successful operation.


Client handle is invalid or csx_RequestConfiguration(9F) not done.


Error getting or setting socket hardware parameters.


No PC card in socket.


No PCMCIA hardware installed.


This function may be called from user or kernel context.

See Also

csx_RegisterClient(9F), csx_RequestConfiguration(9F), csx_RequestIO(9F), csx_RequestIRQ(9F), csx_RequestWindow(9F)

PC Card 95 Standard, PCMCIA/JEIDA