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man pages section 9: DDI and DKI Kernel Functions

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Updated: July 2017



ldi_get_eventcookie - retrieve NDI event service cookie


#include <sys/ddi_obsolete.h>

int ldi_get_eventcookie(ldi_handle_t lh, char *name
     ddi_eventcookie_t *ecp);

Interface Level



ldi_handle_t lh

Layered handle.

char *name

null-terminated string containing the event name.

ddi_eventcookie_t *ecp

Pointer to the kernel event cookie.


This function is obsolete and is only maintained for compatibility. Use of this function is strongly discouraged. For equivalent functionality provided by new interfaces, see ldi_ev_get_cookie(9F) and ldi_ev_register_callbacks(9F).

The ldi_get_eventcookie() function queries the device tree for a cookie matching the given event name and returns a reference to that cookie. The search is performed by calling up the device tree hierarchy of the device represented by the layered driver handle until the request is satisfied by a bus nexus driver, or the top of the dev_info tree is reached.

The cookie returned by this function can be used to register a callback handler with ldi_add_event_handler(9F).

Return Values


Cookie handle is returned.


Request was not serviceable by any nexus driver in the target device's ancestral device tree hierarchy.


This function may be called from user or kernel contexts.

See Also

ldi_ev_get_cookie(9F), ldi_ev_register_callbacks(9F), ldi_add_event_handler(9F), ldi_remove_event_handler(9F)

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