China Localization

The following topics describe the prerequisites and the installation of the China Localization SuiteApp:

For other topics with information specific to China, see China Help Topics.


The China Localization SuiteApp provides features necessary for companies operating in China. These features enhance company, subsidiary, and transaction records in NetSuite. This SuiteApp provides the following:


To install this SuiteApp, the following features should be enabled:

Installing the China Localization SuiteApp

The China Localization SuiteApp (Bundle ID: 217320 ) is a public managed bundle, and is automatically updated whenever there are enhancements or new features added. You can install the China Localization SuiteApp by performing the following steps:

To install the China Localization SuiteApp:

  1. Go to Customization > SuiteBundler > Search & Install Bundles and enter China Localization in the search field.

  2. In the results, click China Localization with the bundle ID 217320.

  3. On the bundle details page, click Install.

You need to be an Administrator to install SuiteApps. This SuiteApp is a managed bundle and is automatically updated whenever there are updates.

For more information on installing SuiteApps, see Installing a Bundle


Uninstalling the China Localization SuiteApp will lead to the the loss of all the China Cashflow Item data in the account.

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