FAQ: Campaign Assistant

See the questions and answers below for information on Campaign Assistant.

Can Campaign Assistant be used for non-event related marketing emails?

No. Campaign Assistant is designed for event-related marketing emails only.

Is Campaign Assistant available for customers with a Small Business license?

This SuiteApp is available for free in any NetSuite edition as long as the prerequisite feature Marketing Automation is available. Go to Setup > Company > Enable Features and click the CRM subtab to determine if this is available in your account.

I installed Campaign Assistant but cannot find it on my account.

Before you can use Campaign Assistant, the Marketing Automation and Subscription Categories features must be enabled. Go to Setup > Company > Enable Features and click the CRM subtab to enable these features.

Can you combine several types of events within a campaign?

Yes, your campaign can be used for several different types of events depending on what has been defined in your event details.

Does the Campaign Assistant provide reports for information such as clicks and responses for each campaign?

Yes. There are two types of reports available, Campaign Response Summary and Campaign Response Detail, which provide information regarding the number of recipients who opened the email, clicked through the links, responded, purchased, and so on. To view these reports, go to Reports > Marketing > Campaign Response.

Can you put custom form URLs in the campaign to track back on campaign responses?

Yes. NetSuite has available reports that could help you track customer responses. To view these reports, go to Reports > Marketing > Campaign Response.

How do you automatically send an email of your event?

In Step 5: Entering Event and Schedule Details, in the Schedule Information section, you must select Execute as the status of your event, then choose a date and time to determine when your event will occur. Setting the event status to Execute tells NetSuite to generate and send your email messages at the date and time you choose.

Does Campaign Assistant integrate with Constant Contact?

Yes, there is integration between NetSuite CRM and Constant Contact.

Can I edit existing HTML templates using any HTML editor?

You can use external editors to edit existing HTML templates. However, it is recommended to read Best Practices for Designing HTML Templates for Use with Marketing Campaigns and Email Templates first.

Can you preview an imported HTML template in Netsuite?

Yes. When you create a new marketing template and upload the HTML file, check the Send Email Preview box and enter your email address. Once you save the template, you will receive the preview through email.

Can you enter HTML in the text editor?

Yes. Click the Source editing icon on the top left of the text editor to switch to HTML mode.

Can you upload an HTML template or should it be pre-loaded into Netsuite?

Yes. In Step 4: Event Template, select File, then select -New- from the list. A popup window will appear to let you select your file from your computer.

Can you create a phone call campaign with your marketing campaign?

No. The Campaign Assistant is for email campaigns only. To create phone call campaigns, you must create a campaign record. Go to Lists > Marketing > Marketing Campaigns > New. On the Events subtab, click Other Events. On the Channel column, select Phone from the list.

How do you set up promotion codes and offers?

You can create new offers in Setup > Marketing > Campaign Management > Offers > New.

To create a promotion code, you must first enable the Promotion Codes feature in Setup > Company > Enable Features. On the Transactions subtab, check the Promotion Codes box.

Promotion codes can be created in Lists > Marketing > Promotions > New.

Are the events the emails themselves? What is the definition of an event?

Campaign events are used when a single marketing campaign has several distinct phases or channels. Events are tracked on the Email, Direct Mail, and Other Events subtabs under the Events tab on campaign records. Campaign events are used for scheduled aspects of a campaign, like email blasts. You can schedule the time and date of a campaign event.

What permissions should I have to access Campaign Assistant? We don't have separate departments for marketing or sales.

The Administrator role can access the Campaign Assistant without any additional permissions. The following roles also have access to the SuiteApp upon installation:

  • Marketing Administrator

  • Marketing Assistant

  • Marketing Manager

How are "verticals" defined?

The term "verticals" in business refers to a vertical market. Basically, a vertical market is one where businesses and marketers cater to the needs of a specific group of people within an industry. This concept is in contrast to a horizontal market, where the focus is diverted to a large amount of people regardless of industry.

How do you make groups?

To create a static group, you can add any member with same record type in the group individually. To create a dynamic group, the members are determined by the results of the saved search you selected.

For more information, see Creating Email Campaigns.

Can I pull reports based on the attendees or create a saved search?

You can create a saved search for your campaign in Lists > Search > Saved Searches > New. Click Campaign and select your criteria, then click Save to run the search.

For more information, see Saved Searches.

Is there a way to create a saved search where it excludes people who were included in a previous campaign?

There is no specific criterion in a saved search that tells whether the person or record has already been included in a previous campaign. You can try to create a saved search with the following criteria: Campaign Event: none of = select campaigns as needed. Click Save to save the search definitions and run the search.

For more information, see Defining a Saved Search.

Do I need to create an email campaign before I can create a group?

No. You can create groups in Lists > Relationships > Groups > New.

I use test cells to break my group into subgroups so that I can test out various email templates. Can I do this in Campaign Assistant?

No, test cells are currently supported in the standard marketing campaign only.

When I create a saved search for my dynamic target group, how does it determine who the recipients of the campaign are?

Customers, vendors, partners, and employees who are currently subscribed can receive email you generate in bulk through campaigns. Subscription data is pre-set according to your marketing preferences. To view and edit them, go to Setup > Marketing > Marketing Preferences. You can also change it manually for each record or through mass updates.

Can you email people who have abandoned the shopping cart?

Yes. You must first create a saved search for customers who abandoned the cart, then use the saved search to make your dynamic group.

What is the criteria for creating a saved search for customers who abandoned the cart?

To add the Customer ID in the Shopping Cart saved search results:

  1. Go to Lists > Search > Saved Searches > New.

  2. Select Shopping Cart.

  3. On the Criteria subtab, select Date Created.

  4. On the popup window:

    • Set Date Created to: within and custom

    • Enter a date in the To and From fields.

    • Click Set.

  5. On the Results subtab:

    • In the Sort By field, select Internal ID from the list.

    • On the Columns tab, select Shopper Field: ID from the list.

    • Click Add.

  6. Click Preview to review the search results without saving the search definitions or Save to save the search definitions and run the search.

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