SuiteSocial is NetSuite's social collaboration tool that enables you to more tightly connect social interactions to your NetSuite data and track important changes to that data. With the interactive news feed, you can see updates posted by your colleagues, and be notified when relevant NetSuite records are created or edited. You can post your own messages or status, and access the records you are following.

With SuiteSocial, you can:


SuiteSocial is a SuiteApp that is built on the SuiteCloud platform—made up primarily of custom records and client/server SuiteScripts.


The SuiteSocial SuiteApp is targeted for retirement on March 31, 2022. If you continue to use SuiteSocial in your account, please be aware of the following limitations:

  • Any problems you may encounter with SuiteSocial will not be investigated by the Engineering team.

  • No further updates to SuiteSocial-related code or documentation will occur.

  • The SuiteSocial SuiteApp is no longer available for purchase. No new installations of the SuiteSocial bundle are permitted.

For more information about SuiteSocial, see SuiteSocial Guide.

For information on the SuiteSocial API, see SuiteSocial API Guide.

General Notices