Non-Profit SuiteApps

This release note was updated April 6, 2022.

Following are the 2022.1 non-profit enhancements to SuiteApps:

Online Donations Now Available in SuiteApp Marketplace

Online Donations SuiteApp version 1.00.0 is now available for installation from the SuiteApp Marketplace. The Online Donations SuiteApp provides a template for capturing online donations on your organization's nonprofit website. You can integrate online donation directly to NetSuite and receive online donation payments using the NetSuite Payment Link feature.

The SuiteApp also supports anonymous donations and tracking of recurring online donations in NetSuite.

For more information, see Online Donations.

Custom Segments Update in Labor Expense Allocation Preferences

Previously, on the Labor Expense Allocation Preferences page, you need to individually check each box for the custom segments in which the expenses need to be allocated.

In Labor Expense Allocation SuiteApp version 1.00.3, custom segments checkboxes are replaced with a multi-select field labeled as Custom Segments on the Labor Expense Allocation Preferences page. New custom segments columns are automatically shown on the NFP Employee Timesheet and Pay Type Allocation records based on your custom segment record preference.

For more information, see Setting Up Labor Expense Allocation Preferences.

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