Record Customization (Beta)


Record Customization (Beta) is a beta feature. The contents of this feature are preliminary and may be changed or discontinued without prior notice. Any changes may impact the feature’s operation with the NetSuite application. NetSuite warranties and product service levels shall not apply to the feature or the impact of the feature on other portions of the NetSuite application. NetSuite may review and monitor the performance and use of this feature. The documentation for this feature is also considered a beta version and is subject to revision. Please review Beta Software Legal Notices. ORACLE CONFIDENTIAL. For authorized use only. Do not distribute to third parties. Pre-General Availability Draft: September 25, 2020.


To access this beta feature, you must apply for participation in a beta testing activity by clicking on the associated recruitment form link. On the recruitment form, you will be required to identify an authorized signatory to accept the Oracle Cloud Services Beta Trial License Agreement. After the Agreement is fully executed by your authorized signatory, your company will be provided with the beta feature for testing.

Record Customization (Beta) provides a consolidated view of all business record types in NetSuite. You can view and maintain the record types in your account. You can also create new fields and sublists to include on a record.

A unified location to set up required fields makes it convenient to maintain required settings for multiple fields at one time. When you make a field required, the change is automatically saved to the server. Record Customization (Beta) settings apply to all other forms. For example, if you make a field required in Record Customization (Beta), the field is marked as required on all forms that include the field.

The access control overview in Record Customization (Beta) provides you with a view of the roles and employees that have access to a specific record or field. You can view a list of all users with access to a record or field as well as the level of access with the applicable role restrictions the users have. From the access control overview, you can also maintain roles and user access.

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