September 22, 2021

Release Notes


  • Updated the list of Important Things to Note section of Setting Up Bank Feeds Integration help topic to add factors to consider when connecting to a financial institution.


SuiteCommerce InStore (SCIS)

  • Updated the SCIS Audit Log topic for the new option to open audit logs from transaction records. SCIS audit logs list restricted operations that occurred during a transaction, such as authorizing discounts above pre-set limits or performing unvalidated returns.

    Previously, retailer administrators had to start from an audit log record and then drill into its associated transaction record.

SuiteCommerce Solutions (SC, SCA, SCMA)

Country-Specific Features

Employee Management

NetSuite Connector

SuiteCloud SDK

Licensing Information User Manual

  • Added the Licensing Information User Manual for NetSuite 2021.2. All Licensing Information User Manuals can now be found on the Licensing Information User Manuals page.

General Notices